Andrea Yates’ ex-husband says Lindsay Clancy shouldn’t face jail


The former husband of Andrea Yates, the Texas girl who drowned her 5 kids whereas inside the throes of postpartum psychosis, says that Massachusetts mother Lindsay Clancy shouldn’t go to jail — as he urged of us to not select the daddy.

“But for her sickness, she would never, ever, ever would have harmed our children,” Russell “Rusty” Yates suggested NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo of his ex-wife, Andrea.

In 2001, Andrea drowned the couple’s 5 youthful kids in a shower at their Houston home. The youngest, Mary, was merely six months’ earlier.

She was initially sentenced to life in jail, nonetheless the decision was overturned in 2006 on the grounds that she was affected by postpartum psychosis, together with excessive postpartum despair and schizophrenia, on the time of the killings. 

Though Yates divorced Andrea in 2005, he suggested Cuomo that his ex was a “wonderful mother,” and insisted that ladies affected by postpartum psychosis shouldn’t face felony costs.

Lindsay Clancy, far left, is accused of strangling her three kids after which attempting to take her private life.
Facebook / Lindsay Marie Clancy

Rusty and Andrea Yates with their four sons. In 2001, Andrea killed the boys and their baby sister by drowning them in a bathtub.
Rusty and Andrea Yates with their 4 sons. In 2001, Andrea killed the boys and their baby sister by drowning them in a shower.

“It’s much like having a dream or nightmare overlaid on reality so that a person sees things that aren’t real, hears voices that aren’t real, believes things to be true that aren’t true and they act on that,” he acknowledged of his experience with the state of affairs.

“It’s every bit a part of their reality as everything else — they can’t distinguish between those thoughts and images and voices and anything else.”

Rusty Yates as a talking head on NewsNation.
Rusty Yates appeared on NewsNation to speak about his experience inside the 20 years since his kids have been killed.

At yesterday’s arraignment in Plymouth District Court, Clancy’s safety lawyer Kevin Reddington alleged that his shopper — who appeared by Zoom from her hospital mattress — suggested a psychologist that she heard a male voice urging her to kill the youngsters and herself.

Prosecutors, however, allege that Clancy, 32, was on no account formally recognized with postpartum despair.

They moreover argued the mom plotted for her husband to be out of the house for a minimum of 20 minutes, giving her enough time to kill all three kids.

Lindsay Clancy, seen from the chin up, wearing a face mask and a neck brace.
Lindsay Clancy appeared at her arraignment from her hospital mattress.
NBC 10

Speaking to Cuomo, Yates moreover rejected the idea companions or fathers can truly defend kids from a psychotic favored one.

 “You can do all you can but you really can’t protect yourself from a psychotic person at home,” he acknowledged.

“They can get up in the middle of the night and light the house on fire or poison everyone.”

Andrea Yates stands alongside her lawyer, an older man, during her second trial in 2006.
Andrea Yates was initially convicted of capital murder sooner than she was dominated not accountable by function of insanity.
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Yates then urged for forgiveness in situations involving postpartum psychosis.

“When someone acts so out of character like that it’s a flag that something else is going on. As far as forgiveness goes, it’s kind of the start,” he outlined.

Shortly after her conviction was overturned, Andrea Yates was moved to Kerrville State Hospital, a psychological institution the place she resides to at the moment. Although she is eligible to be reviewed for launch yearly, she denies each various.

Patrick Clancy kneeling holding baby Callan. On either side of him are Cora and Dawson, both of whom are smiling and wearing backpacks.
Patrick Clancy, coronary heart, has urged most people to forgive his partner.

Rusty Yates’ suggestions moreover echoed these of Clancy’s husband, Patrick, which he shared on the family’s GoFundMe net web page ultimate week.

In the lead-up to the funeral service for his three kids, Patrick requested most people to “forgive Lindsay.”

“The real Lindsay was generously loving and caring towards everyone — me, our kids, family, friends, and her patients. The very fibers of her soul are loving. All I wish for her now is that she can somehow find peace,” he wrote.

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