CAT Ending, Explained: Who Killed Gurnam’s Parents?


The Netflix Series extreme on medicine, powerplay, and crime, ‘CAT,’ is created by Balwinder Singh Janjua. Randeep Hooda performs the lead character, an informant for Punjab Police. The crime thriller assortment explores the have an effect on of medicine and crime on the state of Punjab inside the late Nineteen Nineties and early 2000s. Gurnam Singh is an on a regular basis Punjabi man, who works as a mechanic to help his siblings. However, his earlier reveals a youthful boy inside the grips of separatist crime and violence. When his brother will get caught selling medicine, he goes to the police officer who beforehand saved him nonetheless, his favor comes at a value. The twisted story is filled with corruption and witnesses different powers at play. If the ending of ‘CAT’ has left you confused, don’t worry, as we’ve bought the options for you. SPOILERS AHEAD!

CAT Plot Synopsis

The assortment is about in Sialgarh, Punjab, and it retains shifting between flashbacks and present-day events. Amid the separatist movement, many rebels took to arms in Punjab inside the Nineteen Nineties. The state is drenched in crime and medicines. Gurnam Singh witnesses the lack of lifetime of his dad and mother in entrance of his eyes, and it haunts him ever since. Now orphaned, he solely takes care of his youthful siblings.

The state of affairs in present-day Punjab isn’t any completely totally different. Instead of the separatist movement, there are two opposing political powers at play. Madam Aulakh has been in vitality for a really very long time and runs an illegal drug ring. On the hand totally different, Jaggi Pradhan is a newcomer with loads of enthusiasm and ideas for change. The two candidates are combating for a seat inside the legislative assembly. Punjab Police options beneath the orders of Madam Aulakh.

Gurnam’s youthful brother Sunny will get embroiled in selling medicine alongside along with his girlfriend, Sehar. To get him out of jail, Gurnam asks for Sehtab Singh’s help. He is the police officer who helped Gurnam get out of militant train in his youth and made him a police informant. Sehtab enlists Gurnam’s help after releasing Sunny. With the help of fellow regulation enforcement officers, Babita and Chandan, Sehtab plans to take down Madam Aulakh and curb the unfold of medicine inside the state.

Gurnam pretends to be a buddy and infiltrates the ranks of Madam’s group. He pushes her correct and left-hand males, Shamsher and Laadi, out of the best way through which to remain the one one standing beside her. After befriending Laadi, he brings his downfall through medicine and emotional entangling. However, when Laadi will get to know Gurnam’s actuality, the latter has no choice nonetheless to kill Laadi. Sehtab and Chandan help Gurnam cowl up the murder and report it as an accident.

Gurnam creates a rift between Shamsher and his son, Monty. Their family drama and Monty’s ill intentions in direction of Madam Aulakh’s daughter present to be disastrous for Shamsher and his relationship with Madam Aulakh. With this, they rid themselves of the ultimate one who’s closest to the corrupt and drug-selling politician.

Furthermore, Madam Aulakh moreover begins to perception him collectively along with her life and divulges her earlier to him. The mission begins to fail when some goons in Madam Aulakh’s group start to question Gurnam’s motives. One of them clicks his footage with Babita and divulges them to Madam Aulakh. The climax reveals the untangling of all unfastened threads inside the plot of the gathering.

CAT Ending: Who Killed Gurnam’s Parents? Who is The Mastermind?

Gurnam’s journey is riddled with revenge, anger, compromise, and violence. On the night of his dad or mum’s lack of life, he sees Baljit Singh Rajpuria, a contract killer, and his uncle, Mastaan, escape the place. He believes they every killed his dad and mother to keep up all money and inheritance for themselves. Furthermore, Gurnam has saved his private life on keep to take care of his siblings’ upbringing. He works day and night to earn money so that he can current for them. It reveals how sacrificing and caring he’s as an elder brother. He flawlessly takes over the duties of being a dad or mum.

In a match of rage, Gurnam murders his uncle inside the topic. Various separatists are caught in a covert operation. Rajpuria is found to be definitely one in every of them. When Gurnam sees Bill, a person Madam calls from Canada, he instantly acknowledges him as his father’s murderer, Rajpuria. While chasing him, Rajpuria reveals that Sehtab let him escape.

All this time, Sehtab Singh lets Gurnam think about that the police have captured and killed Rajpuria. In actuality, Sehtab accepts a bribe from Rajpuria and lets him escape to Canada. In your entire story, Sehatab makes use of Gurnam as a pawn in his sport of income and loss. He makes all his picks as enterprise provides and always chooses basically probably the most useful methodology out. Sehtab appears to be the mastermind behind the plot.

Moreover, the ultimate episode reveals the fact about Gurnam’s dad and mother’ lack of life. Mastaan and Rajpuria are going to the other aspect of the Indo-Pak border to smuggle weapons and earn money. When Gurnam’s father witnesses their crime, he takes Sehtab to them. Rather than arresting the criminals, Sehtab shoots Gurnam’s father inside the face and takes all of the money for himself. Rajpuria and Mastaan solely take care of the ineffective physique. However, when Gurnam’s mother comes looking out for his father, they shoot her to cowl their tracks. The twist inside the story brings all of the issues into perspective.

Sehtab plans every switch completely with a scapegoat in place. For every shady deal he pulls, he ensures that it doesn’t hyperlink once more to him. Furthermore, Sehtab instigates the regulation enforcement officers in opposition to Madam Aulakh and makes use of Gurnam’s intel to line his private pockets. He pretends to be Gurnam’s buddy as a charade to get his work completed. Sehtab lies to him all by the gathering and lets him think about that his revenge is full.

Very cleverly, Sehtab doesn’t let anyone spoil his path to being wealthy. He conveniently kills anyone who questions his mission. Sehtab arms himself a great deal of situations all by the story, nonetheless Gurnam’s father’s murder stays to be basically probably the most brutal one. Additionally, he stands testament to the eminent corruption amidst the ranks of regulation enforcement officers. Sehtab Singh divides and conquers for his income whereas being one of many corrupt officers in Punjab.

Is Gurnam Alive? How Does He Escape?

In the tip, Sehtab orders Babita and Chandan to kill Gurnam. However, loyal and honest Babita components a gun at Chandan and asks him to let Gurnam go. Evidently, incomes additional cash seems further convincing to Chandan than the priority of immediate lack of life. Gurnam bribes Chandan with Madam Aulakh’s hidden money from her earlier village dwelling.

Chandan and Babita fake Gurnam’s lack of life as a automotive accident. They even relay the knowledge to Sehtab, who’s on the airport to go to Canada with Rajpuria. Happy to hearken to about his foe’s demise, Sehtab and Rajpuria head to their flight to Canada. Little does he know, Gurnam is as relentless in his pursuit of revenge as he’s in work. He modifications his look by shaving his beard and chopping his hair.

As confirmed inside the earlier episodes, Gurnam crosses over to Pakistan within the hunt for a choice to get to Canada. The ultimate scene of the gathering uncovers Gurnam’s quest for revenge. Furthermore, he resolves to hunt out the lads liable for taking his dad and mother away from him and convey him to justice. Gurnam is alive and successfully, with only one aim in ideas – to kill Sehtab and Rajpuria.

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