Did George Jones Hit Tammy Wynette?


Showtime’s ‘George and Tammy’ follows the story of the two nation singers who grew to turn into primarily probably the most worthwhile artists inside the model. They walked an outstanding part of this journey collectively and have been deeply linked with each from the beginning. The TV current is a retelling of their time collectively. While all of it looks like a fairytale story, to start out with, the truth begins to set in as George and Tammy get to know each other’s robust half.

George Jones struggled with alcoholism, and inside the second episode of the current, he scares Tammy rather a lot that she runs away from him within the midst of the night. It is a reasonably disturbing incident, correct at first of their marriage. If you’re questioning whether or not or not there’s some actuality to it, then proper right here’s what it’s greatest to seek out out about it.

Was George Jones Abusive?

There is little doubt concerning the reality that George Jones struggled with alcoholism for an outstanding part of his life, and this introduced on points in his first three marriages, along with the one with Tammy. The current depicts Jones’ wrestle collectively along with his dependancy, and it’s all through his drunk state that he turns into a really utterly totally different explicit individual as as compared with the one when he’s sober. This revelation makes Tammy rethink their relationship, and the an identical issue occurred in precise life too.

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Talking about their tumultuous marriage in her autobiography, ‘Stand by Your Man’, Tammy Wynette claimed that she found herself on the receiving end of Jones’ violent streaks when he would get drunk. In one event, she acknowledged that Jones chased her through their house in Nashville with a loaded 30-30 rifle. This incident occurred in 1975, within the path of the tip of their marriage, and by this time, Tammy had suffered through pretty a few totally different points.

Allegedly, the scuffles with a drunk Jones would normally end up with Tammy getting a bruise on her face. She would have used stage make-up to cowl them. In one different event, she asserted that Jones had thrown her down the aisle of their tour bus, over a misplaced doubt that she was indulging with one other individual. All this, blended with the unprofessional conduct of her husband, led Wynette to ask for a divorce. She modified her ideas the first time spherical, nonetheless when she filed for it the second time, it went through and they also have been legally separated.

Despite Wynette’s revelations in her information, not one of many accusations have been ever taken to a courtroom docket and have in no way been legally proved and even asserted in a courtroom docket of regulation. For his half, Jones admitted that he had trouble with alcohol and it was certainly one of many parts that led to the deterioration of their marriage. However, he has maintained that he in no way laid a hand on Tammy Wynette. He has admitted to totally different weird and unacceptable conduct that he exhibited whereas drunk.

Be it missing a lot of reveals in a row to realize the title of No Show Jones or be it the case of using a lawnmower to drive to the liquor retailer, Jones has had his truthful proportion of transgressions over time. But he has in no way confessed to the allegations of bodily abuse. While there may be maybe actuality in his phrases, there’s moreover the actual fact to consider that he was drunk through most of it and received’t clearly take into account the events as they occurred. In any case, your entire state of affairs appears fractured, very just like the short-term marriage that Tammy and George shared. Irrespective of whether or not or not or not Jones beat Tammy, their marriage didn’t survive the brunt of his dependancy.

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