How to Verify an Oppo Warranty


The First Method (Oppo official web page)

Take the subsequent steps.

  • To begin, uncover your smartphone’s IMEI amount. (Processes for determining the IMEI NUMBER.)
  • The IMEI amount could also be obtained by dialing * #06 #.
  • Second, go to the settings of your cellphone and seek for your IMEI amount.
  • Third, seek for your cellphone’s discipline pretty than the IMEI amount)
  • After you’ve positioned the IMEI, use your browser to seek for “OPPO warranty check.”
  • Fill out the form at
  • Entering your IMEI amount now permits you to study the assure standing of your cellular phone.

The Second Method (Another web page)

  • Launch your browser and navigate to any IMEI checker web page.
  • Now enter your cellphone’s IMEI amount to see if it’s nonetheless lined by assure.

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