Jenna Bush Hager’s Funniest Stories About Life within the White House


Since her father went out in 2009, Jenna Bramble Hager has invested a ton of energy considering almost definitely most likely the most entertaining minutes from her youthful years. The earlier first girl turned Today current character — and her twin sister, Barbara Puncture Shrub — have been of their 20s whereas residing in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., exploring relationship life all whereas their dad, George W.

Shrubbery, stuffed in as president. Shrub Hager even started relationship her presently companion, Henry Hager, when her dad was nonetheless in office, within the wake of meeting him by the 2004 mission.

Their romance wasn’t with out its entertaining minutes — along with getting found after a thriller transient time interval go to within the White House.

Beneath, completely the most significant tales Shrub Hager has instructed about her time within the White House. Henry Got Found out Subsequent to Going by a Night within the White House On every Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and Today with Jenna and Hoda, Shrub Hager has delighted in returning to a humiliating second for her important totally different.

While she and Henry have been relationship, she said, he glided by the night on the White House — and endeavored to flee the subsequent morning.

“Henry said he awakened and he glanced around and he was like, ‘Aaaaaaaah’ in light of the fact that he worked for my father,” she instructed Hoda Kotb.

Shrub Hager, nonetheless, wasn’t nervous. “‘Well have a great time,’” she informed her then-beau. “I couldn’t have cared much less. Bye!”

“My folks were voyaging and I was remaining there,” she added. “We’d gone out to the bars and, similar to all connections do, it arrived at a specific level.”

“Could you at any level envision awakening and easily being, much like, ‘Where am I? What is this unusual room?’” she added.

Bramble Hager informed Cohen, in any case, that Henry “got found out” by Secret Assistance, including: “The issue was with that.”

Presently wedded for a substantial size of time, the pair share three children, Mila, 9, Poppy, 7, and Hal, 3. Sliding Down the White House Railings While displaying up on an episode of The Dr. Oz Show in 2020, the Today co-have thought of how she assisted Sasha and Malia Obama with progressing into life at the White House after Barack Obama’s 2008 political race.

“We provided them with a visit through the White House,” she said on the current. “We confirmed them what was our rooms, which deliberate to show into their rooms.

We simply had such a pleasant day on the grounds that, really, we share fairly much more for all intents and objective than which separates us — notably the kids.”

Bramble Hager and her sister have been at the moment at school when their dad was chosen president, however they obtained their most memorable fashion of life within the White House significantly earlier than that, as a consequence of the appointment of their granddad, President George H. W. Bramble.

“We saw ourselves in those priceless young ladies since when our granddad become president, we were their age,” she said. “So we realized why was the White House enchanted.”

“We showed them how to slide down the balustrade, which I’m certain Mrs. Obama cherished,” Shrubbery Hager kidded. “We’re so pleased with those young ladies.”

Bramble Hager likewise simply currently uncovered that she and her sister composed a sincere letter to the Obama sisters, considering how far the youthful ladies had come.

“Malia and Sasha, quite a while back on a chilly November day, we welcomed you on the means of the White House. We recognized both the light and watchfulness clearly as you looked at your new home,” the Bramble twins composed. “The 4 of us meandered the wonderful corridors of the home you had no actual possibility besides to maneuver in to.

At the level while you slid down the rail of the solarium, equally as we had finished as 8-year-olds and once more as 20-year-olds pursuing our childhood, your euphoria and chuckling have been infectious.”

“In eight years, you have accomplished such a great deal. Seen so a lot,” the ladies, added, “We have watched you develop from younger girls to noteworthy younger girls no sweat.

Furthermore, by all of it you had each other. Very a lot as we did.” Exploring Dating Existence with President Father Addressing Access Day to day in an April 2022 meeting, Hedge Hager noticed how “threatening” it was for the lads she and her sister dated whereas their father was in office.

“At the point when Henry previously asked me out, I recall him appearing at the White House, and his ears were red, and I was like, “Are you OK?’” she said.

“He was so anxious. He was sweat-soaked on the grounds that … The helicopter — Marine One — was going to land, and he was like, ‘We must leave, similar to the present moment.’”

“It wound up fine, however better believe it, there was some tension that accompanies dating an official little girl without a doubt,” she added.

Henry’s Bicycle Ride with the President Shrub Hager has simply currently supplied completely totally different appears at pressures that accompanied relationship a major little girl, saying in a Today half simply currently that Henry — then, at the moment, her beau — had a troublesome time of it when he as quickly as went utilizing alongside along with her dad, an enthusiastic biker.

“Once, this is horrendous, yet Henry and my father went trekking, when they first — like, this kind of holding second — they went mountain trekking. What’s more, Henry had a Schwinn Twinsky, and father had a genuine trail blazing bicycle,” she said on Today. Inquired as as as to if Henry found the proper approach to maintain, Shrub Hager rushed to concede that he didn’t.

“[My dad] destroyed him,” she said. “Left him in the residue. Also, incidentally, in those days, he was president so all the Mystery Administration vehicles would go past him.”

She proceeded: “So Henry’s embarrassed, making an attempt to repair his chain that broke on his Schwinn Twin. He begins taking place the slope and the Mystery Administration open the entryway on Henry and Henry flies in the air and grounds. So my father calls and goes, ‘Hello, J, simply need to tell ya, Henry made an alright showing. He got doored, yet all at once he’s OK.

He has a number of scratches, he might have harmed his arm, but he’s OK.’ ” Thereafter, Bramble Hager said Henry trusted: “I think your father was attempting to kill me.” A White House Wedding Party While Bramble Hager and Henry traded ensures in a 2008 lakeside Texas bridal ceremony, they likewise celebrated on the White House, with a gathering facilitated by her father months after the actual fact.

As Shrubbery Hager has made sense of, nonetheless, her father was unobtrusively wanting a calmer drawback. “My father maintained that us should run off,” Hager instructed her Today co-have Kotb in a 2022 transmission. At the objective when Kotb inquired as as as to if it was “in view of all the ruckus,” Hager said, “In gentle of the incontrovertible fact that it was an aggravation.

He was like, ‘What are you all doing? You all ought to simply run off!’” The Hagers secured the bunch as a result of the photo voltaic set on the Hedges’ separated 1,600-section of land Grassland Sanctuary Farm in Crawford, Texas.  Hager’s father drove her to the positioning of the carry out in a pickup truck.

She and Henry traded ensures sooner than a 4-foot limestone cross and raised area — the improvement was her dad’s thought — which really stays on the property.

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