Otter assault? Hougang home-owner heartbroken after discovering $50,000 price of koi decimated


Just only a few weeks after otters raided a Bukit Timah residence for koi, one different home-owner, who lives in a semi-detached residence alongside Surin Avenue, found her pet fish decimated. 

The lady surnamed Dai suggested 8world that her residence helper woke her up at spherical 7am on Tuesday (Dec 6) to tell her the unhealthy data. 

When Dai and her husband reached the pond, they found just a few koi heads floating in water tinged with blood. 

Over 20 of her pet fish had been killed — just a few of the lifeless fish had their stomachs hollowed out, others solely had their heads left. The lone survivor was injured too. 

Speaking to the Chinese media outlet, Dai shared that the koi had been ornamental fish imported from Japan, and they also had been estimated to be price spherical $50,000.

“I’m heartbroken! I’ve reared some of the koi for more than 30 years, they’re just like my own children,” she said. 

As her CCTV digicam was faulty and didn’t seize footage of the incident, Dai doesn’t know who the perpetrator is. 

Given the state of the lifeless fish, the lady suspects that it was an otter assault. 

Noting {that a} quantity of potted crops near the fence had been knocked over, the critters might’ve sneaked into her dwelling by climbing over the water pipes and crops there, she said.

Dai’s husband moreover suggested Shin Min Daily News that he meshed up the gaps throughout the gate after listening to about otter assaults from his neighbours two months up to now.

Unfortunately, his efforts had been in ineffective. 

Dai, who has been residing there for higher than 30 years, said she hasn’t heard of any otter sighting or assault in Hougang. 

She contacted National Parks Board’s (NParks) Animal Response Centre that exact same day, and was suggested that that’s the main report of an otter assault throughout the area. They moreover immediate that her family mesh up the gate to cease future break-ins. 


Traumatised by the incident, the home-owner said she is fearful that otters would return for her surviving koi, and added that she doesn’t plan on rearing any additional fish throughout the near future. 

Speaking to 8world, Dai’s neighbor shared that she too is fearful about her private fish. 

“It’s truly a pity to see my neighbor’s koi in such a state.

“Our fish pond is located in the inner courtyard, some distance from the fence. While we are worried, there’s nothing much we could do to prevent otters from getting in,” she said.

AsiaOne has contacted NParks for additional knowledge. 

In a press conference addressing otter administration in October, NParks immediate that homeowners mesh up gaps and erect totally different “otter-proof” boundaries to protect their homes from the creatures. 

NParks shared that they obtained over 300 otter-related strategies as of September this yr, higher than your complete of last yr (305) and 2020 (208). 

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Otter assault? Hougang home-owner heartbroken after discovering $50,000 price of koi decimated.For More Article Visit Becostay