‘What color is the sky cat’ meme defined as Coco tune floods TikTok


Some TikTok tendencies merely make no sense, nevertheless that’s the motive they’re so hilarious. This is unquestionably the case with the “What color is the sky cat” TikTok meme, that has taken over the platform this week.

Featuring a tune from Coco combined with badly-edited footage of cats with random objects, this growth is merely chaos all through. Users have moreover been using the growth to prank their family and buddies over textual content material.

Let’s try the meme, the iconically catchy tune that accompanies it, and some of the funniest motion pictures we’ve seen beneath the growth up to now…

What is the “what color is the sky cat” meme?

The motion pictures beneath this growth embody hilariously (and sometimes badly) photoshopped footage of cats. Set to a sped-up (and thus very chaotic) mannequin of the tune Un Poco Loco, from Coco, the motion pictures sometimes make little sense nevertheless that’s the motive they’re so humorous.

With each new line inside the tune, a model new cat appears.

The cats are edited onto loaves of bread, croissants, Crocs, and Oreos, and are even confirmed flying inside the sky or sporting socks or footwear on their heads.

Some prospects have even been creating motion pictures which current them sending the memes to their members of the household or buddies in time with the tune lyrics, lots to the confusion of those receiving them.

Lyrics to Un Poco Loco

The tune Un Poco Loco is from Coco, the 2017 Disney Pixar film which tells the story of youthful Miguel, who enters the Land of the Dead to look out his great-great-grandfather, a legendary singer.

The lyrics that attribute inside the TikTok motion pictures are:

What shade is the sky? Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor
You inform me that it’s purple, ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor
Where must I put my footwear? Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor
You say, “Put them on your head!”, ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor
You make me un poco loco, un poquititito loco
The methodology you keep me guessing, I’m nodding and I’m yes-ing
I’ll rely it as a blessing that I’m solely un poco loco

Un Poco Loco is sang by Miguel and Héctor on stage at a music dwell efficiency inside the Land of the Dead.

The funniest “what color is the sky cat” TikToks


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